What not to do in the Architecture Industry?

Architecture is the universal term offering or rendering professional services for designing and building an environment. The viewpoint of architecture is an art and dealing with the artistic value of architecture, it has semantics and relations with the development of culture

It is a lifestyle rather than a profession. Some people built their career in this profession otherwise think about a career shift.

In construction, work paving is commonly used for decorative methods and materials used such as stone, tar, or concrete that are used to form a hard surface for drive roads or hardstanding. Cobblestones are natural building materials based on cobble-sized stones and are used for pavement roads, streets, and for building purposes. Pebble paving is penetrable paving that is for both internal and external.

Different Types of Architect:

1. Conservation Architect

2. Industrial Architect

3. Residential Architect

4. Commercial Architect

5. Interior Architect

6. Urban designers

7. Landscape Architect

8. Sustainable or green design Architect.

These architects do the process of designing and shaping, prepare a specification for the physical features of the town, cities, villages, and planning for municipal services, offices and factories, shopping malls, rail and air terminals, hospitals, hotels, and sports, etc.

In the construction process not only door and window fittings but flooring, artifacts are also one of the important aspects for construction purpose.  Wooden tiles, laminates, are an important investment for floor in any building.

In construction work hardware is also an important aspect, to improve the convenience of building. Ventilation makes the interior more comfortable, so choosing the correct door and window hardware. Architectural hardware enhances the appearance of the structure and leads to the success of the project.

Door hardware fittings are:

1. Door seals

2. Electric door locks

3. Door handles

4. Doorbells

5. door stoppers

6. door latches

7. doorplates

Window hardware fitting is:

1. Window stays

2. Window frames

3. Fold-down handles

4. Window pull handles

5. Window folding handles

6. Window latch

7. Folding window adjuster

8. Flooring

Artifacts are historic and cultural items are famous works of art, created by people that have value. Marble and stone sculpturing is the art of creating three-dimensional form objects. Tools used for sculpturing are toothed chisel or claw chisel, hammer, marble cutting tool, which creates parallel lines in a stone. These tools are generally used to add quality to the figure. Stone blocks are used in architecture and for building purposes.

Some Drawbacks in architecture industries:

Vast critical situation time: architectural administration is moreover regular in terms of seconds and hours, but it is worst during the designing period. If both designer practitioners work in a collaborative team it is critical for success.

Low paid: starting salary for architects are considered lower than their professional careers with similar work or requirements and so

Challenging and tremendous: architecture is a very challenging and demanding field managing clients, as their accounting for a project is tremendous, actually spends twice the amount of time working on a project as it takes to build it, to address startup and closeout.

Clients sometimes would not pay: contractors will blunder your client for money and blame you for it.

It is Tedious work: it is tedious because it is a process that takes a month to go forward and backward.

Ups and downs in an architectural economy:

1. Finding new work and satisfying with an income.

2. Disagreeing for good design under low-priced construction.

3. Making time for hand-sketching.

4. Finding good materials for great design.

5. Associating the generation gaps.

6. Keeping yourself updated in the software.

  • Is architecture good for my future career?

Yes, Architecture is a good career for the future for the one who is creating a new structure out of their thoughts, displayed in the form of parks, libraries commercial buildings, and cities.

But, on the other hand, it is a good career, but not for everybody. The person suitable for the career, those who are great at solving problems, the creative thinker can sustain in the business.

  • Architecture cannot work alone:

An architect involves a lot of teamwork. It usually depends on each other to complete the work.

Some current trends in architecture:

Indoor-outdoor living: Today’s architecture embraces indoor and outdoor living means creating a room that is effortlessly open to the outdoors.

Smart home technology: anyone with google, smartphones, like amazon echo, knows about the convenience of home features via simple swipe, in-home video panel, including lightning, heating, and cooling control.

Sustainability: Architect are advised to implement as many sustainable features as possible including well-sealed building encloser, efficient insulation, multipane window, and energy-efficient appliances and system

Flexibility: homes and their layout that can flexibly accommodate any number of residents. That means creating spaces that are easily divided or expanded with pocket doors. Designers can aid flexibility by consistent themes and materials throughout. 


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