• Know about Panoli industries association

      All the information related to industries such as the address, phone no, email and links to connect with the industries located inside Panoli G.I.D.C. can be found on www.ibphub.com.

    • Know about Umargam Industries Association

      All the information about Umargam Industries Association and the industries located inside the estate can be found on www.ibphub.com with the name, address, phone no and all the links to connect.

    • An Overview of Travel and Tourism Industry

      The ideas of Travel and Tourism Industry are firmly connected, and both the tourism businesses and the travel industry have a huge cover. Be that as it may, there are additional contrasts between the two terms and the two enterprises. In this article, you will discover what is tourism and travel industry.

    • Know about Sarigam Industrial Association

      To get detailed information about Sarigam Industrial Association and the industries in the estate, visit www.ibphub.com and get all the links to connect such as the Name of the industry, contact no., address, etc.

    • A summary of Bags, Belts & Wallets

      Bags, Belts and wallets are unisexual appliances. They are usually made from leather but many experiments have been done with various materials, patterns and styles. Hence many types of bags, belts and wallets are there in market other than leather.

    • Know about Naroda Industries Association | Naroda GIDC Industrial Association

      Naroda Industries Association (NIA) was established in the year 1968. The objective of Naroda GIDC Industrial Association is to provide a community and support to its 700 plus members. The industries which are mainly located in the Naroda Industrial Estate. Naroda Industries Association addresses the problems and needs of industries that fall under the Naroda GIDC.

    • An overview of the Indian Textile Industry & A brief difference between Textile, Yarn and Fabric

      At IBP HUB we have multiple sub-categories under the Textile, yarn and fabrics category to find the most suitable product for the users. We bring a widespread list of textile manufacturers, traders, suppliers, and exporters offering high-quality products to the customers.

    • Overview of Automobile, Parts & Spares

      Automobile and spare parts are huge industries worldwide. Various brands, various types of models, hi-tech mechanism and enthusiastic users of automobiles make these industries substantial and lively. In 21st century automobile industry has marked amazing growth in technology, prices, user friendliness and comfort, and it is still growing and developing further.

    • Know about types of Transportation

      The transportation area is quite possibly one of the most prominent areas that falls under the travel and tourism industry umbrella and is concerned with movement of individuals/groups/couples travelling from one point to another. This movement can be via road, rail, air and water. This area empowers the travel industry in any case, yet additionally furnishes vacationers with a method for getting around after they show up at their location.

    • The key differences in the Food and Beverages Industry

      The food and beverage industry caters to the essential human necessities by offering the services among vacationers and voyagers. Once more, there is a wide range of types of organisations that fall inside this area, giving clients a variety of alternatives. It is additionally significant that the food and beverage industry likewise gives occasions to sightseers and explorers to associate with companions, or meet new individuals.