The growing interior designing industry in India

Interior design is a multi-pronged sector that basically handles planning, designing, and management within interior space keeping intact of functional and aesthetical requirements of the dwellers. It reinvents a living space across matching resources as well as socio-cultural and emotional needs.

Interior Designing is not something new in India with all the beautiful interiors of the hundreds of monuments and worship places that exist millennia ago. Now the scope has widened and it includes sectors such as residential design, office space, retail & commercial space, entertainment space and hospitality. Since the past couple of years, construction and interior designing sectors are developing immensely in India. Although being disorganized industry, a recent survey suggests that the interior designing business in India is growing at thumping 60%. There is a remarkable escalation in the co-working space and construction of new generation homes and infrastructural elevations. During recent years, India has experienced substantial changes in terms of lifestyle, employment, migration from one place to another and increase in several exhibitions and decors in cities and settlements. These factors are driving the interior design sector in India to impressive growth.

Let’s go through three major factors for the upsurge of the interior designing sector in India:-

Smart Homes

Technology has picked up the pace in ways that nobody would have expected in a decade. Every next day, innovation takes place to make homes more technologically friendly with just one click. Smart home designs are functional and visually classy, is taking the Interior Design business by a hurricane. Multipurpose furnishing that can fit into demanding living space is one of the most widespread 2019 interior design trends.

Virtual Reality

In addition to the gaming and other entertainment sections, virtual reality (VR) has taken the center position in the interior designing industry. VR has made the visualizing and experimenting procedure entertaining for the designer and the client as well. Now, they can test different permutations and combinations of themes, wallpapers, flooring, furniture and much more. It has been a true boon that has revolutionized this sector. Virtual stores with realistic graphics might soon substitute the huge showrooms.

Social media influence

Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, tumbler and many others have attracted people to the latest trends, which have created a fondness for the top-notch living among the consumers. A fine lifestyle begins with a well-crafted home, and people want their homes to be lavish and convenient. Social media platforms provide targeted communication with a wide audience.

However, there are two major challenges faced by desirous professionals in setting forth their interior designing venture:

• It calls for a great level of networking and contacts.

• The maturation period is high since it relies highly on the goodwill and reputation of projects.

The potential of an interior designing business is enormous. They are progressively serving to the expectations of environmental and social balance. It is certainly coming of age and adapting itself to global needs and expectations.


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