Morbi: The Renowned Ceramic City

Renowned ceramic city Morbi is afresh formed district of the state of Gujarat, India on August 15, 2013, laterally with some other new-fangled districts on the 67th Independence Day of India. The district comprises 5 talukas – Morbi, Maliya, Tankara, Wankaner, and Halvad. The town of Morbi is located on the bank of River Machchhu, 35 km away from the sea and 60 km far from Rajkot.

Morbi urban is the administrative head office of the district. This district is encircled by Kutch district in the north, Surendranagar district in the east, Rajkot district in the south, and Jamnagar district in the west.

Antique Background:

Once upon that time, Morbi was amongst the most solid states of India. It’s called once as Morvi, there were rivers of Milk and Ghee (Butter). It means Morbi was too wealthy and prosperous. Morbi was ruled by various empires from the Mughal Empire to Rajputs and Britishers. Prince Lakhdhirji Thakor did an outstanding effort in the history of Morbi. In his time Electric powerhouse and Telephone exchange was manmade in Mumbai. He also constructed Temples, Technical High School, and Engineering academy. Modern Morbi comes into existence after India became independent in 1947. Morbi ongoing to nurture on all sides.

Morbi has been subsisted after two major tragedies. Even the world has observed these disasters. In 1979, Rupture of Macchu – 2 Dam and in 2000, Biggest earthquake occurred of Indian history.

Business and Economy in Morbi:

Morbi has long been a center for expertise and business. In the opening, the economy of the city was primarily reliant on the ceramic and clock manufacturing industry.

Ceramic Industries in Morbi:

Thoroughly Morbi is the hub of the Ceramic and Wall clock industries. Currently, more than 600 units around Morbi making diverse types of tiles such as ceramic tiles, floor tiles, lustre wall tiles, glazed wall tiles, vitrified tiles, porcelain tiles, spartek tiles, roofing tiles, glazed tiles, mosaic tiles, etc. Additionally, there are various companies, which produce diverse types of sanitary wares. The total turnover here surpasses seven thousand crores.

Clock Engineering Industry in Morbi:

Morbi also has a significant quantity of clock business units. Most of them making digital wall clocks, but some also manufacture other types of clocks and watches.  

Paper Mills in Morbi:

Not long ago, there was a single paper mill in Morbi; but the segment in progress increasing quickly by 2002 onwards. Currently, there are significant numbers of paper mills in Morbi. The papers they yield typically fit into the Kraft paper mark and are very appropriate for the packaging of goods.
Other Industries in Morbi

The existence of numerous industries in this area has given rise to several auxiliary industries and the packaging industry is one of them. Besides, the area also has an important quantity of export-import houses. Several other businesses transaction in engineering things, consumer durables, etc. Tourism, as a business, also subsidizes a significant amount of the economy of the town.

Tourist Places in Morbi:

  • Darbargadh Palace
  • Mani Mandir
  • Suspension Bridge
  • Green Chowk
  • Lakhdhirji Engineering College


The Indian Ceramics Industry ranks 8th in the world and manufactures around 2.5% of worldwide output. Morbi is a demanding city as a far-flung place of Gujarat with limited resources. Nowadays, it caters to a major portion of the world's ceramic requirements. Key products of this ceramic city are wall tiles, floor tiles, polished porcelain tiles, sanitary ware, and mosaic tiles. 

All the info connected to manufacturing such as the address, phone no, email, and links to join with the businesses located inside Morbi can be searched on:


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