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Books are said to be a man’s best friend and it is also considered as a powerhouse of information and knowledge. Books are helpful for guidelines or many other knowledge-based information related to any kind of imaginary or existing things in this world because it delivers us so many things without asking for anything in return.

Books always inspire students to do hardwork with courage and hope. They enrich the experience of students and sharpen their intelligence and there are also many benefits of reading books, we will get more knowledge to improve memory and build up their vocabulary and also it conveys best way to learn something new. It is a thing which takes us to travel the entire world through “magic words” by staying at one place.

Type of books for Business and trade:

Human resources are greatest asset of company that how you lead, motivate and inspire your employees. People Management is the key leadership and communication skills that you need to be a successful leader and build a strong organization. Operations Management includes capacity planning, quality assurance, productivity analysis and improvement, and the concept of lean management.

Accounting for Decision-Making, is about different business organizations and the role of accounting in each

Strategic Management, will learn how to develop a business strategy including analyzing the competition, and identifying ways that your business can gain a competitive edge.

Finance In Corporate Finance, learn the tools and techniques managers use to manage capital and maximize the value of a business. Marketing Management, includes segmentation, targeting, differentiation, product positioning and much more.

Religion and Culture are devoted, as beliefs are uniquely cultural. Culture delivers how humans experience and understands the world. Religion is an essential factor in the culture of many people, influencing their behavior and traditions, Rituals, art, sacrifices, prayer, are one of the many ways people show their adherence to a particular religion.

Cultural elements are and traditions, laws, dress, Customs, architectural style, laws, dress, social standards, religious beliefs, and traditions.

The trade book is like an order book, used in equity and F&O trading. The primary difference between order book and trade book is that the order book is a replication of all the orders that have been placed while the trade book is a replication of the trades that have actually been executed.

Stationery is a word that denotes commercially manufactured foe writing materials, including cut paper, envelopes, writing implements, continuous form paper, and other office supplies, it also includes materials to be written on by hand i.e, letter paper.

The Importance Of Business Stationery:

 Business stationery is not something considered an important decision about business but it identifies the business, and it is also an effective marketing tool. Custom stationery determines professionalism and can often attracts new clients.

Stationery Items:

Marker, Stapler, Eraser, Push-pin, Label, Drawing pin, Thumbtack, Paper clip, Rubber stamp, Highlighter, Fountain-pen, Pencil, Ball-point, Tape dispense, Pencil sharpen, Calculator, Glue, Scissors, Sticky notes, Paper, Notebook, Envelope, Clipboard, Monitor, Folder etc.

File management is to organize and keep track of files and folders, to stay organized, so information is easily available. A folder is a container for storing files and programs in parallel manner to as folder do.

1. one that folds.

2. folded printed circular.

3. large envelopes are for holding or for filing loose papers.

4. an organizational section in a computer operating system used to group files and other folders together.

Children books and entertainments:

When it comes to children books in India, you need to make your books colorful and attractive so that children are easily attracted towards it. children are more attracted towards color and images and has a stunning book cover design and illustrations within the book

1. Pashu by Davout Pattanaik

2. My Mothers Sari by Sandhya Rao

3. Malgudi Days by R.K. Narayan

4. Aaloo Maaloo kaaloo by Pratham

5. Boskys Panchtantra by Gulzar

6. Panchatantra stories

The central characters in this fascinating fables are many-a-times, animals and birds. They show their most identifying characteristics in the various stories, and teaches valuable lessons and morals, story books like,

1. clever hares, 

2. cunning jackals,

3. evil hunters,

4. great friends,

5. monkey and tortoise,

6. tortoise and geese,

7. the tale of two frogs, 

8. the crow and the fox,

9. the jackal and the drum,

10. Poem books swinging, morning time, my dear lady maid, cock-a-doodle-doo, mop the pet cat, the fly, the alphabet, to a child, the king’s flower, the twenty-fouth and so on.


The word magazine is an “Arabic” word meaning “to store: originally ammunition”. It is therefore a place to store content. it refers to a collection of written articles. Magazine, also called periodical, a printed or digitally published collection of texts (essays, articles, stories, poems), Magazines are more trusted, inspiring and motivating than other media among young adults.


Magazines are issued monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, or go into topics more thoroughly than newspapers. If you have an interest that you want to follow in depth on a regular basis, magazines are a great source. Magazines are periodicals which are printed on glossy coated and matte paper. To publish means to make magazines public is also making public content that gatekeepers/publishers wish to disseminate to their public or target audience of readers.

           The fashion industry needs to work with the fashion magazines as they helps in selling their clothes, they create awareness of new designers, and produce wonderfully designed pages showing the work of the best photographer's.

So, yes Magazines are important as they are to:

Generate Wealth
Create Employment
Provide GDP for a country
Can influence societies
Are testimony to the world we live in
Are creative
Are flexible
Create the zeitgeist
Are a luxury
Are entertaining


There are different types of magazines like business magazines, Auto Magazines, family magazines, Fashion, Women's interest, parenting, religion, celebrities, human interest, Gossips, Sunday magazines, Exams competitive magazines, Musics, Computer& Electronics Magazines, Entertainment & TV Magazines.

Some of the popular magazines are:

India today magazine.

Outlook magazines.

Forbs India magazine.

Car India magazine.

Pratiyogita Darpan magazine.

Competitive Successive magazine.

Digital magazine.

Champak magazine.

Magic pot magazine.

The week magazine.etc…

In today’s hectic life we don’t get so much time for ourselves and to get knowledge about our surroundings We can say that magazine is our source of happiness. They are more colorful, topical, adventurous and fun. It is a good source of time pass in public places like railway stations, hospitals, etc.

Magazines offer articles, pictures, commentary, and useful perspectives about subjects that reader cares about. Some are very colorful (travel magazines for example); some are controversial (magazines about politic), some are liberal, some are conservative; and some are just for entertainment (magazines about celebrity gossip) etc…Magazines are reaching influential consumers in more categories than all other media.

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