Kheda: The Golden Leaf area

Kheda: The Golden Leaf area

Kheda is one of the eldest districts of Gujarat. It diverged in 1998 and Anand was stamped out of it and the headquarter of the region lifted from Kheda to Nadiad. Also called Kaira, the district is spread over 3958.84 sq. km which sums to 2.02 percent of the overall physical area of the State. The district is separated into 10 talukas and 617 settled villages and 8 tenanted towns. Two major rivers of Gujarat lie on the west side Sabaramati and Mahisagar on the East. 

Historical Background:

In Sanskrit literature, Kheda was called Khetak. The town happened as early as the 5th century CE. Early in the 18th era it conceded to the Babi dynasty but was occupied by the Marathas in 1763 and handed over to the British in 1803. Kheda is also known as “Charotar’ the word originated from the Sanskrit language sense beautiful. The Kheda farmer fight is also acknowledged as a no-tax struggle. It was a satyagraha launched in March 1919 under the leadership of Gandhiji and some other leaders.

Geographical Composition:

Kheda has situated sideways a major highway and along the Western Railway, 20 miles (32 km) south-southeast of Ahmadabad. It is located on the Southern part of Gujarat, which lies flanked by 22.30‟ to 23.18‟ degree North latitudes and 72.32‟ to 73.37‟ degree Longitude Eastern side. The highway and railroad grids in the region are well established. Geographically in the Kheda district, four types of soil namely kyari, sandy, black, and goradu (spatial) soil.

Black loam is measured upright for cotton harvest is situated in Kapadvanj and Thasra talukas. The Kheda district has overall 9 (nine) major rivers specifically Mahi (Mahisagar), Sabarmati, Meshwo, Khari, Luni, Varasi, Sehar, Vatrak, and Shedhi. The land is productive and green with flora and so it satisfies the eye and is titled Charotar.

Transport Connectivity:

Kheda is well linked by several other cities through road. N. H. 8 passes through the region connecting it to the cities for instance Ahmedabad (52 km), Surat (226 km), and Vadodara (59 km) of State. Kheda is also allied with other areas of the state as well as further metro cities of the state through Mumbai-Ahmedabad Broad gauge Western railways. The bordering airport is positioned in Vadodara only 38 km far from the district Headquarter Nadiad. The bordering harbors are Hajira and Dahej.

Economy Reviews:

The leading crops are grains, pulses, and cotton. Business happenings take in printing, dyeing, and glass and cotton-textile manufacture. Kheda is predominantly renowned as a cooperative milk-producing center. There are more than 8,186 Small Scale Industries operating in the Kheda district.

Trades and business in Kheda:

Kheda and Anand are recognized as “Charotar-the Golden Leaf area”. For several decades it has been the main creator of tobacco in Gujarat. Besides, it has a solid base of cotton and rice too. Some of the key industries are Chemicals, miscellaneous manufacturing industries, repairing services, food products, and non-metallic mineral products industries, etc. Besides, Textiles, Paper, and Electrical equipment are also in trend. Kheda is also well-known for its wooden manufacturing and familiar as a center for the packaging woods. Ceramics, Plastic, and its products, Cement, and Gypsum manufacturing industries are potential industries in the district. Matar Taluka has plenty of assets of natural gas. Numerous warehouses along the National Highway-8.

Potential Business in Kheda:

Numerous categories of minerals existing in different tehsils of the district, which are further classified into two classes as major and minor minerals. Main segments include Agriculture; Mineral based industries, Plastic & its Products, Cement & Gypsum, Engineering and IT, etc. Enormous natural gas reserves in Matar tehsil of the region. The district has a held in reserve forest area of 6276.89 hectares.

Places of interest nearby Kheda:

1. Vadtal Swaminarayan Mandir (Vadtal),

2. Rannchhodrai Temple at Dakor,

3. Galteshwer Mahadev Mandir

4. Roja Roji (Mehamdabad)

5. Hot Water Pools

6. Kund Vav

7. Gopaldas Haveli

8. Natural beauty paradise, Pariej

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