Junagadh: Epic History to Modern Industry

Situated in the Saurashtra region of western Gujarat, Junagadh is recognized for its fort, its marketplaces, the song-dance values, the zings and jams, and the welcoming people. It is positioned at a longitude of 20.47 N to 21.45 N and latitude of 70.15 E to 70.55. Surrounded by the Arabian sea to its south, Junagadh is prominent for the Gir Sanctuary, the only domicile to Asiatic lions and mountain range, and Girnar which is a chief pilgrimage destination.

The history of Junagadh dates back to several periods The Mauryan monarch Chandragupta Maurya built the renowned Junagadh Fort here as far back as 319 BC. Junagadh was a princely rule in Gujarat administered by the Muslim Babi power in British India, until its takeover by the Union of India in 1948.

Economy Drivers:

The economy of Junagadh is mostly grounded on agronomy. The district has about 40 medium and large-scale industries and over 7000 small-scale industries (SSI). Furthermost of SSI units are strenuous in Veraval, Junagadh, Mangrol, Manavadar and Kodinar, and surrounding talukas.

With the new Government strategy of biotechnology, Junagadh has been identified as one of the agriculture biotechnologies zones. This will grow profitable traffic at the port and would fuel the industrial activities of the district.  

Opportunities exist for the planning of power plants along the coastline of Junagadh. Cement has been a significant business of the district and will experience further development with future cement units thus important to the financial progress of the district. Junagadh crows of nearly of the best tourist destinations in the state hence experience a huge arrival of visitors every year.

Investment Opportunities:

  • Agriculture
  • Marine
  • Mineral
  • Chemicals
  • Engineering
  • Plastic

Scope for the Development: 

The chief business of Junagadh district includes Mineral based industries, for instance, cement & soda ash, Agriculture based industries like edible oil, groundnut units, solvent plants, and oil cakes, and Maritime productions like fish processing units and frozen fish. As the future seems brighter for Junagadh, numerous big brands in the industry are planning to set connections their operations in the town.

Tourism Industry:

Gir National Park is the major magnetism for maximum visitors to Junagadh district. The Asiatic Lion is the key feature of the estate. In gathering to the lion, there are jungle cats, hyenas, jackals, spotted deer, blackbuck, hedgehogs and around 500 leopards. Mount Girnar is the uppermost point of elevation in Gujarat.

The highland series has 866 Hindu and Jain shrines and hermitages on the five peaks Kankai, situated 50 km from Sasan Gir, is a monument devoted to Kankai Mata, the supporter of shepherds of Gir. It is built in the heart of the jungle. The haughty temple walls and sound doors ensure security. Talala and nearby areas are eminent for their Kesar mangoes, one of the few Indian varieties recognized around the world. Kutiyana is a hajj spot of Muslims.

Fish Processing Industry:  

The fish processing industry is a major subdivision in Junagadh. Treated fishes from Junagadh are exported to Singapore, China, Hongkong, Japan, Dubai, and other parts of the world.


Junagadh, one of Gujarat's most stirring and stunning districts, is an aromatic mix of marvelous architecture and exciting street life. The exact meaning of the term "Junagadh" is "old city", the city takes its name from Uparkot, an antique fort constructed in the 4th century CE on a hill at the eastern edge of the town. In Junagadh, the huge scope of various businesses including Fish processing, Mineral, Chemicals, Engineering, Plastic, etc.

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