Dholka, located in the Ahmedabad District of Gujarat, is one of the top most non-natural and heavily populated city in the state. It has seen hot industrialization in the recent bits. There can be multiple reasons for that. Firstly, it's located at a suitable distance from Ahmedabad, the monetary capital of the state. Secondly, frame necessitated for smooth intendancy of industriousness is available presently.

1.            Good roads are important for smooth handling of any diligence. To survive, they not only need to import raw especially from multiple sources, but also ship the finished goods to the demand at minimal cost. Dholka, located off NH 8A, is best suited in that respect. This city is inhabited by people from many different countries. Hence is connected to other mega cities of the state through a far-reaching network of state and neighbourhood passes. For instance, Gujarat State Highway 4, Dholka-Ahmedabad Highway, Bagodara-Dholka Road, Bavla – Dholka Road runs right through this cosmopolis and can be used to reach Ahmedabad within a really short time. From there goods can be shipped to other neck of the country through rail, road or air.

Dholka is also connected to Ahmedabad through a long rail road line. So, goods can also be transmitted to Ahmedabad or raw material can be bought in from there using road rakes.

In addition to good roads, the municipality offers every other installation warranted for smooth supervision of industries under dholka GIDC. These include unremitting stock of electricity and water, proper law and order situation, suitable communication system, stock of highly skilled labour etc. Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) has also set up a raw estate in Dholka. There too they've supplied all the warranted structures so that the manufacturing can run unrestrained. Either, an association has been formed by the industries of the estate to ease their problems. It goes by the name GIDC Industrial Association. To know other about the raw script at Dholka you may reach it at the following address

Industrial Houses in Dholka

1.            Concord Biotech Ltd. is an R&D driven biotechnological company that manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients

2.            Atlantis Products Pvt Ltd is a Dholka based company, which produces raffia woven sacks suitable for a wide range of products such as food grains, cement, fertilizers, tarpaulin etc.

3.            Raj Gum Industries is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters for guar gum powder, guar refined split and many other similar products.

4.            Global Energy Food Industries is primary famed for their biscuits and confectioneries.

5.            Ginatex is an integrated textile company which has ginning, spinning, processing and weaving units.

6.            Cadila Pharmaceuticals is another company that has one of its production unit located in Dholka.

And many more …….

Future industrial scope in Dholka

Arvind Ltd, the Ahmedabad rested denim maker, has entered into an equity relation with OG Corporation of Japan; they intend to set up a greenfield manufacturing installation at Dholka.This upcoming joint venture has already made an initial investment of 50 crores and has acquired 300 acres of land under GIDC .

All the data related to trades alike as the address, phone no, card and associations to connect with the commerce located inside dholka can be constitute on www.ibphub.com


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