Chhatral INA is a town in the Gandhinagar district in the state of Gujarat, India. Here, INA stands for Industrial Notified Area, located next to Chhatral. Surrounded by the main cities of the state like Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad, this town has every facility that is required in a modern and developing town. Chhatral is a census town in the district of Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Chhatral Census Town has a population of 10,215 of which 5,438 are males while 4,777 are females, as per the report. Chhatral Census Town has total administration of over 2,161 houses to which it supplies basic amenities like water and sewerage. It is also authorized to build roads within the Census Town limits and impose taxes on properties coming under its jurisdiction.


Chhatral is well linked to several other cities through roads and a national highway passes through the region, connecting it to the cities like Ahmedabad (38 km), Gandhinagar (22 km), Surat (300 km), and Vadodara (147 km) of the state. Chhatral is also linked with other areas of the state as well as further metro cities in the state through all modes of transportation. Public bus services are totally active within the town. Train facilities are available within 10 to 15 km of the town.


Keeping in mind the future of the industries and the development of the town, Chhatral overall fulfills the development desires of the manufacturers and industrialists. Major tube manufacturers have their manufacturing facilities in this area. Chhatral has its own GIDC where almost 100 manufacturing units are located. One of the tube manufacturers in the Chhatral region is MBM Tubes. Heavy Metal and Tubes Ltd. has 3 manufacturing units on Chhatral Road and a corporate office in Ahmedabad.

The Advantages of Owning a GIDC Estate :

GIDC follows a simple and transparent allocation process.

1. GIDC land is classified as non-agricultural, thus abolishing the need for NA/NOC permission and the need for confirmation of headings.

2. GIDC land/structure titles are free of encumbrances and sellable.

3. GIDC proposes the on-shelf availability of business land with excellent infrastructure.

4. GIDC provides reasonable allowance prices as well as opportunities for soft compensation.

5. The price of land/building fixed by GIDC is satisfactory by financial institutions for loan endorsements.

6. GIDC offers social and profitable structures like housing, schools, banks, post offices, dispensaries, etc. in major parklands.

7. GIDC's chemical estates have the mandatory permission of the Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB).

8. The chemical estates are prepared with a state management set-up.

9. GIDC also delivers sites and terrestrials for hard unused clearance and CETPs at a concessional amount.

10. The primary GIDC domains have been designated as Notified Zones.

Here are some of the main industries under CHHATRAL GIDC.

1. Lucent pharma

2. Ultimate rubber pvt ltd

3. Artcy industries

4. Sun light electronics

5. Bharat petroleum petrol pump

6. Pramukh Oil Industries

7. Raja agro industries  

And many more are on the list.

For further information related to trades such as the address, phone number, dispatch and associations to connect with the commerce located inside Chhatral GIDC, log in to


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