An Overview of Navsari GIDC

Gujarat’s ancient and historical town Navsari is situated in southern Gujarat and is positioned near the Purna River, within a few kilometers of the river's delta, which is west of the city and drains into the Gulf of Khambhat. Through Ahmedabad, Mumbai National Highway No.8, Navsari is linked to the vast cities of Gujarat. Navsari also implied Navsari.

Creator of Industrial Revolution and groundbreaker of Industrialists, Sheth Jaweshdji Nasarvanji Tata was born in this city.  Looking at history, Navsari was firstly recognized as "Navasarika", and was the capital of a vaishya (a secretarial unit) in the Lata province. It is identified with "Nusaripa", a city stated in Ptolemy's 2nd era Greek-language work Topography. The Chalukyas of Navasarika, who ruled the area smooth-edged Navsari as followers of the Chalukyas of Vatapi, revolted an Umayyad invasion of the area in 738-739 CE.

According to the Parsi practice, in 1142 A.D., when they foremost came to Navsari, the city was called Nag Mandal. The Parsis found the city's troposphere alike to that of the Sari region of Iran. In the Persian language, "now" means novel and "Sari" denotes the area in Iran; henceforth the name Naoo Sari.  

After 1st May 1949 Navsari has been included in the Surat region and 1964 in June, Surat district was transformed and the district was involved in Valsad district presently since 2nd October 1997 Navsari district has come into presence. As the Parsi community rose at other spaces in India, the presbyters from Navsari were sought by the innovative Parsi settlements.

Geographically Navsari is set at 20.95°N 72.93°E. It has the usual preferment of 9m (29') overhead sea level. The climate in Navsari is sunny from October to May, and drizzling from June to September. The average maximum and minimum temperatures are 40 °C and 17 °C respectively. The normal twelve-monthly rainfall is 122 cm (48 in). Other than the core language Gujarati, Hindi, and Marathi spoke in Navsari.

The topmost charms to visit in Navsari are:

1. Dandi Beach

2. Unai Mata Temple

3. Andheshwar Mahadev Temple

4. Baba Swami Dham

5. Jamshed Baug

6. The Zoroastrian templ,

7. Udvada Atash Behram

Major Exportable Item:

Navsari GIDC has several floriculture projects are coming up in the district that increases the economy of the district and upsurge the exports of flowers which has a growing demand. Additional chief exportable substances are Drugs and pharmaceuticals, PVC pipe, and cables, Soaps, Cosmetics, Textiles, Gems & Jewellery, Chemical, Sugar substances, etc.

Scope for Development:  

As per Government policy for technology up-gradation and cluster development, the quarry industry has scope for development in the Navsari district. To overcome technical complications and instrument proposal concerning technical up-gradation, use of JCB machine for digging out clay and black trap, air compressor for drilling, truck and tractors for transportation of raw materials and finished goods is crucial which should be made entitled for State Govt. Cash Subsidy scheme so that various quarry units can connect these implements to increase their production.

All the info associated with businesses such as the corresponding address, report, phone nos., email, and links to connect with the industries located inside Navsari can be found on


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