An overview of Computer and IT Solution

Personal Computer is an integrated computer that can be assembled using hardware components that makes a computer system to work. The Internet is the world's largest computer network that is a group of interrelated computer devices capable of sending or receiving data.

An information technology (IT) solution is a software programs and that are sold as a single package. IT service providers are value-added resellers of software suites and services under the labeled solution to promote the idea that purchasing the product will help the customer successfully solve a problem or deal with a complicated situation.

IT jobs include computer programming, network administration, computer engineering, Web development, technical support, and other associated work.

Types of IT solution providers:

Solution providers are a label that many partners continue to use today. VARs and channel partners learned to get close to their customers, products to solve their problems. Systems integrators also emerged under the solution provider banner, offering a mix of consulting, software customization and implementation services, VARs began to offer consulting and other professional services to complement their turnkey solutions.

The IT solutions has its own benefits : 


1. Controlling the IT costs:

Fixed IT costs are converted into inconstant IT costs. It also gives you for preparing a flexible budget and pay for the services when you need it.

2. Reduced Labour Costs:

Unless the business deals in IT core services, there is no use of bearing the cost of trained employees for IT solutions. There you need the training facilities for the new joiners and have to post a bunch of permanent employees as temporary employees do not always live up to the expectations.

3. Trained, Qualified, Certified and Experienced:

Mostly, the teams of IT professionals appointed by service providers who owns certifications, and have years of experience to back their expertise. Services offered by them are more reliable.

4. Enhanced efficiency and competitiveness:

It is wonderful if you have a central IT support department, but only if you provide services in this domain.  IT departments should be developed with a huge deal of research works, scopes for implementation and sufficient time for it which will ultimately intensify the cost overhead and the benefits will pass on to the customers. it is better to go for the IT solutions as and when you require it.

5. Quick Implementation of the New Technology:

With an IT service provider at your beck and call, you do not have to concern about appointing the right person, managing the teams, bearing the cost of it and every other thing. IT services providers appoint such professionals who have the knowledge of latest technology, so,the teams are professionally trained and even most recent types of complications could be easily solved by them.

6. Invest Whole Energy on Core Business:

If you have to take important IT decisions beside managing your business, you will be left with few hours of your personal life. When you rental the services for professional IT solutions enterprise, you could solely focus on your business.

7. Reduce Risk:

Core IT service providers are totally aware of risk issues in their area of expertise. As such it is better to leave the compliance and security issues with them.However, one must take care to appoint the right kind of the service provider.

Software is the program or a set of instruction that directs the computer’s hardware to perform a task and routines for a computer or the program material for an electronic device which make it run for e.g. Excel or Windows or iTunes etc. RAM a computer memory that can be read or change typically, used to store working data and machine code.

Some basic computer maintenance are: Installing Current Operating System Updates, Maintaining Current Anti-Virus Software, maintaining Current Malware Protection Software Windows Running Disk Cleanup Clearing the Cache in your Internet Browser(s).

Computer network virtualization is the process of combining hardware and software, network resources and its functionality into a single and virtual network.

Types of Virtualization are : 

Desktop Virtualization.

Application Virtualization.

Server Virtualization.

Network Virtualization.

Storage Virtualization

Networking is connecting computers electronically made up of software and hardware and has linked protocols for the purpose of sharing information. Resources used in networking such as, applications,  printers, files and softwares are common information shared on a network. WAN is a network that covers wider area than LAN that covers cities, countries and the even whole world which stands for "Wide Area Network."

Networking security that protects the authenticity of your network and data. It includes both hardware and software technologies. It boards a variety of threats. It stops them from incoming or spreading on your network. Effective network security manages access to the network.

"Wireless Local Area Network" WLAN, is a network that allows devices to communicate wirelessly. It is also called Wi-Fi which is a wireless networking technology that allows devices such as laptops, mobile devices computers, and desktops and other equipment like printers and video cameras to interface with the Internet.

Devices used for transmitting data through MAN are Modem and Wire/Cable. MAN is the part of the telephone company network that can provide a high-speed DSL line to the customer or the TV network in a city. Storage area networks (SAN) is the most common storing network used for business applications.

Virtual Private Network(VPN) describes how to establish a protected network connection when using public networks. VPNs encrypt your internet traffic and facade your online uniqueness. This makes it more difficult for third party to track your activities online or steal data.

Data security services assist our customers in managing and protecting data thoughout the lifecycle: data creation, data in use, data at rest, data in motion, and data destruction. Wireless EPABX is a version of PBX, a private telephone network used within a company or organization facilitates free calls between users internally and offers multiple lines for external communication.

Copywriting is the focus of ads, sals letters, sales emails, PPC landing pages, more than simply writing words on a pages. Copywriting is more up-front than content writing and uses influential ideas and emotional language to appeal the customer so they take instant action. It may be an order, but copywriting can make or break a business

Copywriting makes a reader to take a specific action. Good copywriting is when you intentionally create, optimize, and publish content that creates brand awareness and guide customers to buy from you. Content marketing means making and sharing valuable content to attract and convert prospects for customers.

E-Book formatting is a standard design process that turns your eBook's text and images into an attractive layout for readers to enjoy.

services of a graphic designer:

Postcards and flyers,

Magazine and newspaper ads.

Posters, banners and billboards.


Brochures (print and digital)

Vehicle wraps.

Signage and trade show displays.

Email marketing templates.

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