A Royal Retreat at Palanpur

Located on the northeast sideways of Gujarat State Palanpur is the inherited home to an industry of Indian diamond merchants. Banaskantha is one of the thirty-three districts of the Gujarat state of India. The secretarial head office of the district is Palanpur which is also its prime city. It covers an area of 12703 km and is another major district in the state. Named after the West Banas River which runs through the valley between Mount Abu and Aravalli Range, elegant to the plains of Gujarat in this region and towards the Rann of Kutch.

Historical Background:

Founded by King Prahaladan and a part of the Paramara Rajput empire, Palanpur State was a princely state-run of India throughout the British Raj. It was a Greeting state with the Nawab of Palanpur having a hereditary salute of 13-guns. It remained the key state of the Palanpur Agency. It was also once well-known as a princely land of Gujarat in the British rule under the rulership of the Lohani Afghans.

Geographical Importance:

Banaskantha District encompasses the area around the Bank of Banas River. The district is positioned flanked by 23.33 to 24.45 north latitude and72.15 to 73.87 east longitude. The region is encircled by the Sirohi district of Rajasthan in the north, Sabarkantha district in the east, Mehsana district in the southern part, and Patan district in the west. The border of Pakistan touches the desert. Banaskatha is famed for the Ambaji temple which magnet numerous travelers.

Economy Reviews:

The economy of the district is founded on agro & food processing, tourism, textile, and mineral-based industries (ceramics). The Food Processing Industry in the district has fascinated 57% of the total venture in the district over the previous deuce decades. The district ranks first in the country in Milk Production and, the first district having the highest Cold Supply Chain of Milk by installing 1280 Bulk Milk Chilling units procuring almost greater than 90 percent milk as Raw Chilled Milk and respite 10% in Cans.  Banaskatha is the largest manufacturer of potatoes in the state. Bajri, Maize, Tobacco plant, Castor oil, Jowar, Psyllium are the other major crops of the district.

Diamond Industries in Palanpur:

One of the main businesses which have industrialized considerably in the last 40 years is cutting and polishing diamonds. Palanpur is known to be the birthplace of the highest of the families who traded in diamonds. The Jain community of Palanpur is still measured as the dominator of the diamond industry.

Supplementary Businesses in Palanpur

Along National highway 14, a marble stone-cutting business has also established.  Several superfluous small-scale industries which have come up in recent years are stone crushers, cement industries, metal pipe, and cement manufacturing, small tools, and submersible pumps. Isabgol which is used as a natural laxative is also mass-produced in Palanpur.

Places of interest nearby Palanpur:

There are various shrines under the Hinduism and Jainism sects in Palanpur. The Pallaviya Parshwanath Temple or the Motu Derasar was constructed by King Prahaladan and the Nanu Derasar is the central Jain temple of Palanpur. The Pataleshwar Mahadev Temple sited near the Keertistumbh and the Mota Ramji Mandir are Hindu holy places. Nearly of the Hindu temples in reachable distance from Palanpur are the well-known Ambaji Temple, Kedarnath Mahadev Temple, and Balaram Mahadev Temple. Sturdy symbol of the city’s beauty Kirti Stambh and Mithi Vav are also possessed unique importance.


Subsequently, the White Revolution in Palanpur which was planned by National Dairy Development Board, Dairy farming in the city has grown motion. For the extension of cooperative drive in this sector, the role of Banas Dairy is contributory. The city has established the manufacturer of several dairy products such as Pasteurized Milks, Ghee, Tea, and Coffee Whitener, ice creams, etc.  The marble Business and diamond polishing are the chief sectors that sponsor financial development and revenue generation in Palanpur.

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