A Business Trip to Waghodia

Waghodia GIDC is a minor community situated in Waghodia taluka, Vadodara District in the State of Gujarat, India. Located 27 Kilometer east of the district headquarter Vadodara Waghodia is 146 KM far from the state capital Gandhinagar. Wachovia's Latitude is 22.3036529 while Longitude position is 73.3985737.   

Waghodia Industrial Estate at a Glance:

GIDC Established this Estate in 1985 and after few years Waghodia industries formed in 1991. The leading industries in Waghodia are Large and SME industries like Rubber, Plastics, Pharmaceuticals, Packaging, Electrical Engineering, and Agrochemical.  

Demography and Other Factors:

Waghodia Taluka of Vadodara district has an overall population of 149,914 according to the census 2011. Out of which 77,391 are men while 72,523 are women. In 2011 there was a total of 32,020 people be located in Waghodia. A total of 16% of people lives in Urban areas while 84% live in rural areas as per census 2011. An Average knowledge rate of Waghodia Taluka in 2011 was 82.08% in which, man and womanly literacy were 89.4% and 74.32% correspondingly.

Means of Transport

The common means of transport is state-owned buses, though private buses are also a part of it, whereas for long trips trains are favoured and the most favoured station is Vadodara, which is about 28 km from the town.

Benefits of being in GIDC Estate

GIDC follows a simple and transparent allocation process

1. GIDC land is classified as non-agricultural, thus abolishing the need for NA/NOC permission and need for confirmation of headings

2. Titles of GIDC land/structure are free from hindrances and are saleable

3. GIDC proposals on-shelf availability of business land with excellent infrastructure

4. GIDC offers realistic allowance price with soft compensation opportunities

5. The price of land/building fixed by GIDC is satisfactory by financial institutions for loan endorsements

6. GIDC offers social and profitable structure like Housing, Schools, Banks, Post Office, Dispensaries, etc in major parklands

7. GIDC's chemical estates have the mandatory permission from Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB)

8. The chemical estates are prepared with state management set-up

9. GIDC also delivers sites/terrestrial for hard unused clearance and CETPs at a concessional amount

10. Main GIDC domains have been declared as Notified Zones

11. GIDC has endorsed sector exact parklands for IT, BT, electronics, apparel, chemicals, engineering, brass parts, etc.

12. GIDC has industrialized SEZs for apparel, Chemicals, and Petrochemicals, Electronics, IT, BT, Handicrafts, etc.

13. GIDC parklands enable gathering aids associated with raw material, market, technology, joint services, linkages, etc. Any up-gradation program of an estate carries direct benefit to all businesses

Manufacturing Businesses in Waghodia:

The topmost manufacturing business in Waghodia are as hereunder:

Agriculture, Apparel & Fashion, Automobiles, Business Services, Chemicals & Dyes, Computer, Construction & Real Estate, Consumer Electronics, Electronics & Electrical, Energy & Power, Food & Beverages, Furniture, Gift & Crafts, Home Appliances, Industrial Supplies, Minerals, Office Supplies, Packaging, Plant & Machinery, Printing & Publishing, Rubber & Plastics, Sports & Entertainment, Telecommunications, Textiles, Toys & Games, Transportation

Dyes and Pigments Market Scope:

Dye is a component cast-off to impart colours to materials. Pigments are dyed, black, white, or glowing particulate matter organic or inorganic objects which typically are unsolvable in, and essentially physically and chemically genuine by, the vehicle or substratum in which they are merged.

According to the reports focused on the Dyes and Pigments in the global market, the international Dyes and Pigments bazaar is appreciated at 34750 million USD in 2020 is predicted to reach 47450 million USD by the conclusion of 2026, increasing at a CAGR of 4.5% throughout 2021-2026.

All the data related to trades such as the address, phone no, email and associations to connect with the commerce located inside Waghodia can be found on www.ibphub.com.


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