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Apple announces many new services, credit card only gets signed up on the phone

Gadget Desk America's top giant Apple has organized Showtime Event. The company has launched some of its products at an event held at Steve Jobs Theater. Apple CEO Cook has announced Apple News Plus, Apple Card, Apple TV App and Apple Arcade in the market. As part of the Digital Magazine Service, the company has put more emphasis on bringing Apple News Plus and Apple TV App.

Apple TV +

1. Apple CEO Team Cook Apple TV Plus has presented. This service includes Apple's original content in which the movie and series will be seen. For which the company has partnered with Hollywood filmmaker Steven Spielberg. Steven Spielberg also attended this event and shared his experience at this stage too.

2. Oprah Winfrey also attended this event. And their TV shows will also be seen in Apple TV Plus. Pakistani actors also came to the stage at the Apple event. Jokingly said that there is also Pakistan here.

3. Juan Momoa who was present at the stage in the event, star of Aquaman and played the role of Khal Drago in the Game of Thrones. Hollywood stars came on stage one after another. With whom Apple TV Plus has partnered with. Now users can download Apple's content. This service has been applied to 100 countries around the world.

Apple Credit Card

4. Team Cook has announced to launch a new service. Which will be called the Apple card. As soon as signing up in the iPhone, the user will have an Apple card and can be used worldwide. For this, the user does not need to go to a bank. The Apple Card will have all the risks of user expenditure. The user will only need to do the message through which all support will be available for support.

5. Machine learning has been used to show transaction history well. In which different categories have been given. All the costs of the user in all categories can be seen through graphs. Using this app you will also get a reward point. Cashback can also be used every time you use it. The company named it the Daily Cache. According to the company, this card can be used in any shopping store and coffee store.     

Apple TV app

6. Apple has launched its new TV app. On-demand TV channels will also get an option. Support for HBO and many streaming apps will also be available. There will also be support for Amazon Prime Video. There will be an online streaming app like a one stop show, which can also be converted into user interface.

Apple News Plus

7. Magazine has been announced in Apple News Plus. It can easily be read in 300 magazines worldwide. In the magazine, you can read in sports, fashion, food, travel and many other categories magazines. However, it has to be subscribed for. For which will have to pay money. Important here is that all the magazines will be specially designed for Apple. Special effort will be made to make attractive. For this, special emphasis will be placed on graphics design.

Apple Arcade

8. This is Apple's Gaming Subscription. In which different types of games will be available. It can be used in Apple's laptop and the iPhone, including the computer. This service will also be based on subscribes. The user will be able to get it from the appstore. For which a special category has been created in App Store.


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