An Overview of Dhandhuka GIDC

Dhandhuka is a city and a region in the Ahmedabad locale in the territory of Gujarat, India. Additionally, it is a piece of the Bhal area.

Dhandhuka is said to have been established by, and to take its name from, Thakor Dhana Mer (Koli King), or rather Mehd, the second of the thirteen children of the Sonang Mehd who in early occasions came into Gujarat from Sind. No particular year is referenced in Ras Mala by Alexander Kinloch Forbes. Having no child, Dhana Mehd is said to have given the town as an enduring blessing to a gathering of 400 Brahman displaced people from the anger of Ebhal Walo. The towns of recent Chamunda rulers is likewise situated here.

As per another record, the town is supposed to be called after Shri Dhandhiu of the Chaulukya administration who married the girl of Mularaja Chaulukya's archetype. In the twelfth century, Dhandhuka got well known as the origination of the incomparable Jain instructor Hemchandra and in his honor, Chaulukya lord Kumarapala (1143-1174) raised a sanctuary over his origin. Under the Muslims and Marathas, Dhandhuka kept its situation as a nation town, its fortune is quite often connected with the fortune of Dholka. Alongside Dholka, it was surrendered to the British in 1802. Dhandhuka additionally addresses Legislative Assembly Constituencies. (Ahead of schedule till 2009 it likewise addresses a parliamentary Constituency).

Thakor Dhan Mer was the second child of Koli boss Sonang Mer. He established the Dhandhuka and Dhandalpur. He is also known as Dhand Khant, Dhandhal Khant and Dhanji Mer. He murdered the Rajput lord Ebhal Walo of Vala with his multitude of 500 fighters. Since Ebhal Walo was desolating the Brahmins in his domain. After that Thakor Dhan Mer set up the 400 Brahmin outcasts in Dhandhuka.

Chudasama Rajputs of Dhandhuka were the relatives of the ancient and regal line of Junagadh. A more youthful child of one of the Ra of Sorath, named Bhimji, is said to have gotten, as his patrimony, four "chorashees," or areas, each containing 84 towns; one of which, the region of Dhandhuka, was acquired by his child, Raysalji. From Merjee, the ' fourth child of Raysalji, slid the Chudasama grassia Sursangji.

Dhandhuka is situated at 22.37°N 71.98°E. It has an elevation of 24 meters (78 feet). The city is 105 km from District focus Ahmedabad, on public thruway No 1. to Bhavnagar. Bhavnagar is 95 km from Dhandhuka town.

The Jain holy person Acharya Shri Hemchandracharya was born in 1088 A.D. into the Modha Vanik (dealer) station, in the town of Dhandhuka. Pujya Shree Punit Maharaj (19 May 1908 – 27 July 1962) is likewise from Dhandhuka. The city has a populace of more than 50,000 and an education pace of 66% (contrasted with the Indian public normal of 59.5%). The town has an Arts and Commerce College and Three High Schools. The mainstream callings in the city incorporate working for the auto business, telecom vendor, insurance agencies, and farming. RMS Hospital, perhaps the greatest clinic, opened in 2007, accepting its subsidizing in enormous part from some neighbourhood contributors and NRIs (non-occupant Indian). Normal plants developed incorporate cotton and wheat. There is a little modern bequest in the city known as G.I.D.C. (Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation), not many business visionaries have set up their limited scale ventures here.

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