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For the past three decades Steriwear® has been the pioneer in India in the business of packaging people for improved yields and higher profits in controlled environments.

Steriwear® has been the vendor and brand of choice for quality driven users, who recognise that cleanroom garments represent one invaluable weapon in the battle against operator-induced contamination, and do not relegate them to low-priority consumables at the time of procurement.

Why Steriwear®?

Several points differentiate Steriwear® from other garment vendors, or even your neighbourhood tailor.

1. Our Pedegree

Steriwear® was founded in 1983 for the sole purpose of producing contamination control clothing for the cleanroom industry in India under the direct oversight of the renowned cleanroom expert and author of several books, Mr C K Moorthy, currently the Principal Facilitator at Center for GMP. We owe our deep understanding of contamination control, cleanrooms and the special practices prevailing in that industry. He taught us to ...........Read more »

2. Our Proprietary Fabric
The objective function of contamination control clothing is to serve as a barrier between the human microenvironment and the cleanroom, keeping particulates, skin flakes and the like from the operator from escaping into the cleanroom environment. In effect the garment is a filter. This garment/filter system must allow air and moisture to flow through and carry off heat and moisture generated by the wearer. Ideally a rubber bag or plastic suiting would be an excellent system for stopping the contaminants, but would be a poor garment in any real-world environment, and the final choice is often a trade off between the ideal and the practical, since the wearer’s comfort is an important consideration.

It is normally assumed that an effective filter must have a high pressure drop, and therefore be uncomfortable. In fact, this is not the case. Experiments show that the relationship between air filtration efficiency and pressure drop is not necessarily always linear. What we want is a reasonably good filter with a tolerably low pressure drop. The first consideration, therefore, is the choice of the fabric itself. The important characteristics to look for are that it should not lint; it should not generate static charges; should be fire-retardant if not flameproof; and should be treated for water repellency and inhibition of microbial growth.

Steriwear® Exlint-MSD 106, made with a blend of Dacron© and Carbon filaments not only meets these considerations but is also static dissipative: conductive and antistatic............Read more »

3. Our Designs & Workmanship
Our designs have evolved over the decades through constructive interaction with users, so that they are attractively styled, comfortable to wear, rugged and durable, while at the same time cleanroom-related standards and norms ...........Read more »

Steriwear® range of contamination control clothing

Over the years we have discovered that a wide variety of names are used for describing the same item of wear! Whatever cleanroom apparel you may want, you are likely to find we have it, perhaps under some other name: caps, hoods, snoods, masks, bunny suits, jumper suits, boiler suits, dangarees, one-piece coveralls, coats, aprons, gowns, gloves, shoes, overshoes, booties ...........Read more »

All items of our apparel are available in sizes ranging from "Small" (S) to "Ultra-Large" (XXL). You are advised to check our Size Chart before ordering ...........Read more »

Selection and use of Steriwear®

The general rule is that contamination control clothing selected and used should be appropriate to the assessed level of risk to product or process, reflected by the Class of Air Cleanliness prescribed for specific operations. While pharmaceutical regulators have specified their expectations, the rest of the contamination control industry world-wide has adopted the recommendations of IEST-RP-CC-003.2 on selection and use of cleanroom garments. ...........Read more »

Washing and care of Steriwear®

The best of garments still require care in use, maintenance and washing. If the purpose of contamination control is to be served, washing and drying should not be permitted in uncontrolled environments by unskilled personnel. Cleanroom garments warrant a Cleanroom Laundry ...........Read more »

Recommended Steriwear® gowning sequence

Errors in gowning are common, and often negate the very purpose of wearing contamination control apparel. Exposing or improperly covering hair, face, moustaches and beards, wrists, street clothing, ankles and street shoes should be scrupulously avoided. Even after gowning, some contaminants do escape into the environment, but the numbers are greatly reduced. ...........Read more »

After entry decontamination and gowning, we have one more device at our disposal to minimise the probability of contamination: generate as little as possible within the cleanroom. This demands good conduct and strict discipline. Posters explaining the Whats, Whys and Hows of Good Aseptic Practices drawn up with imagination and wit and should be displayed at vantage points to serve as constant reminders of the need for compliance and the consequences of disregard. You are welcome to download our print quality posters for display at appropriate locations in your plant.

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Guidance for Gowning & Comportment in Sterile Processing Areas

Though Regulatory guidance has been in existence for manufacturers of sterile products in the pharmaceutical industry for decades, it is only in recent years that Inspectors and Auditors have brought cleanroom garments under the lens: their quality, manner of use, wash and maintenance.... ...........Read more »

Who use Steriwear®?

Steriwear® caters to a wide range of Industries: Aerospace, Biotechnology, Defence, Optics, Microbiology, Microectronics, Pharmaceuticals, Precision assembly, Semiconductors, Space applications and Vaccines.

At Steriwear® we are proud of our customers. We supply to several departments in the same Organisations, and receive repeat orders from most. If your name does not appear in our list of customers, it ought to...........Read more »

We recognise and acknowledge our clients are the very reason of our existence, leave alone success. We take this opportunity to place on record our sincere appreciation for their valued custom and patronage over three decades and pledge to continue to live up to their high expectations from us.

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